Residential Screen Repair

One of the best things about living in New Jersey is the weather. When the forecast calls for sunshine, our state just tends to outdo itself. AMC Window Cleaning provides residential screen repair that ensures your window system is ready for the beautiful days ahead.

Our mobile service is designed to bring prompt, convenient, and efficient service to your windows. We arrive onsite with all of the tools we need to restore damaged screens – so you can get back to enjoying those open windows in no time. We solve rips, tears, and rot for:

  • Window screens
  • Door screens
  • Screened porches
  • Sun screens

The Best in Professional Screen Repair for Montclair, NJ

We come to every home armed with a goal: To get you beautiful, functional screens at the lowest possible cost. If we can repair the screen system, we’ll deliver that solution straight to your windows. Our service includes:

  • Initial assessment
    We inspect the window screen for damage and overall condition, then decide on the most sensible service plan for you.
  • Screen repair
    Our technicians have been specifically trained to deliver customized results to your screens. We tailor our approach based on the manufacturer, make, and material of your screen system.
  • Screen replacement
    In the rare event that we cannot repair your screen, we’ll deliver a cost-effective replacement to you.

If your screens require a quick fix, we’ll implement the repairs onsite so you can get your windows up and running. Should they require a more in-depth restoration, we’ll take them back to our workshop so we can deliver a detailed solution.

Screen repair is one of those essential checklist items when you’re gearing up for summer. No one wants to feel like they’re in a fishbowl all summer, and with your fully functional window system, you’ll have:

  • Protection from insects, animals, and other elements from nature
  • Fresh air with plenty of cross-ventilation
  • Natural light management that brings in sunlight without overwhelming your space

With leadership from the AMC team, your home will be a beacon of beautiful light, safety, and clean air to breath. We’ve been bringing this multifaceted result to clients across New Jersey for more than 15 years — and we’re excited to expand our long-term customers to include you and your home!

With the best techniques, materials, and equipment in the window repair industry, AMC is equipped with everything you need to get screens that are ready to be an asset for years into the future.