Residential Glass Repair

Nothing kills the view quite like damaged glass. But there’s no reason to settle for scratches, cracks, and foggy scenes. With professional glass repair help, you can enjoy a picture-perfect result without the cost of a window replacement.

AMC Window Cleaning is your go-to solution for residential glass repair. We serve customers across New Jersey with services that protect your windows (and your outlook) for the beautiful future ahead.

Most clients come to us with three issues. We tend to notice a theme, too: Many remark that they’ve been holding off on glass repair because they thought it would be cost prohibitive, and all are pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable it can be to reclaim that “just like new” impact. Our glass repair includes:

  • Foggy windows
    When your windows never seem to be clean – no matter how much care they receive – your glass is dealing with an issue called fogging. This generally means that the sealers surrounding your windows weren’t installed properly. It’s an aesthetic issue, but it also means that your windows aren’t heating or cooling efficiently. Our team carefully removes the moisture, restores the sealant, and provides your windows with the protection it needs to look great and
  • Cracked and broken windows
    Our site-specific service replaces damaged panes with matched glass that seamlessly integrates with your window system. This means that you don’t have to budget for a complete window replacement and you’ll get stronger, safer panes. We protect the wellbeing of your windows and the people who call your property home (and improve the view, too!).
  • Scratched windows
    We restore your windows to the condition they were in when they were first installed, no replacement necessary. Our low-intensity technology penetrates into the affected area, buffs the glass, and polishes it to match the rest of the surface. Your scratch will disappear… And your windows will be ready to last.

The glass in your windows stands up to a lot, but it needs to be handled with the utmost care to ensure its long-term quality. That’s where our professionals come in. With training, expertise, and on-the-ground experience, we bring the cutting edge of window repair to you. All of our services include:

  • Industry-approved methods that put the quality of your panes at the forefront
  • Leading technology that guarantees the best result
  • Careful inspection and customized service to bring a tailored service to you

Reclaim your quality – and your view! Get the best in glass repair and restoration from AMC Window Cleaning.