Residential Exterior Window Cleaning

Get 100% out of your home – inside and out! AMC Window Cleaning brings exterior window cleaning services to homes in New Jersey, and we’re proud to deliver the best view to your property.

Windows Need TLC (and regularly, too!)

Think about what your windows have to contend with. Day in and day out, they’re facing things like unpredictable weather, exposure to all of the elements, and their fair share of wear and tear. When we talk to clients about the impact of a dirty window on the rest of their home, we like to bring up eyeglasses. If you never cleaned your glasses, think about the condition they’d be in. Streaks, smudges, spots, and stains would take the center stage – and that glass surface would suddenly seem a whole lot less transparent.

Our job is to protect your windows from the curse of wear and tear. And it’s a job that we’re proud to say we excel at!

Pure Gold Service, Platinum Results

AMC Window Cleaning utilizes a water fed pole system to clean all of your exterior windows. This process is the cutting-edge of window cleaning – and the results speak for themselves. With our system, you get:

  • A water-fed pole system that lets us safely clean up to five stories from the ground
  • Purified water that won’t ever leave mineral buildup
  • Non-toxic cleaners that are biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • Error free service that always gets it right the first time
  • Streak free results that keep the view clear

We care about bringing the full potential of clean windows to our customers – and this advanced cleaning method ensures that you’re always getting the best.

New Jersey’s Window Cleaning Experts

When it comes to the impact of window cleaning, customers don’t have to take our word for it: the results speak for themselves. The AMC team is proud to offer:

  • Leading window cleaning technology
    Our water-fed pole cleaning system is the most advanced method in the industry, and the results show: You always get the best in quality.
  • Licenced, accredited, and certified experts
    Our window cleaning technology is advanced – and it needs the expertise of trained professionals. Every member of our team has skills, experience, and passion for the job ahead.
  • A streak-free guarantee
    You’ll always get a spotless result – and a streak free one, too! We promise that your panes will be crystal clear, or our job just isn’t done.

We’re clean window fanatics. From Essex County to Passaic County, from Morris County to Union County to Bergen County, our team is here to deliver the best windows to homes across New Jersey.