Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning

Make your professional image shine from every story! AMC Window Cleaning provides businesses in New Jersey with commercial high rise window cleaning services that put streak-free quality and safety in the forefront.

High rise buildings are unique. Once your property reaches a certain height, it becomes more than a functional quality of your space – it becomes its identity. Our job is threefold;

  • To create a streak-free experience from the inside out
  • To solidify your property’s curb appeal… From the ground level on up
  • To deliver reliable, safe, and accredited window cleaning solutions

We work with universities, businesses, medical institutions, hotels, and government agencies to bring a flawless view to every floor of the building.

Safety & Commercial High Rise Window Cleaning Solutions

For AMC Window Cleaning’s commercial high rise window cleaning service, safety is of tantamount importance in every window cleaning solution. We are proof that caution and careful service go hand-in-hand with exceptional results. In an effort to protect our clients and technicians and adhere with Health and Safety codes, our team integrates:

  • Safety technology
    Our equipment keeps technicians safe, which allows them to focus on what counts: Bringing quality to your window cleaning service. The Bosun chair rig is secured from two locations to ensure the technician is always out of harm’s way.
    By anchoring these lines, securing technicians to this safe network, and keeping all of their equipment and cleaners attached to the safety network, AMC Window Cleaning ensures that every step of the process moves smoothly and safely.
  • IWCA-approved techniques
    All of our methods have been carefully tested and approved by the International Window Cleaning Association. Ourcommercial high rise window cleaning certified technicians are prepared to deliver the best service straight to you.
  • Coverage, training, and accreditation
    No commercial high rise window cleaning window cleaning technician should ever be off the ground unless they have all of these three elements. Every member of our team has been trained by industry-leading professionals, comes with complete insurance coverage, and is accredited by the IWCA.

Streak Free Windows for Every Floor

Whether you have three floors or thirty, our team is trained, prepared, and certified to bring the best window cleaning to each one. Our hand-cleaning system is designed to leave your glass surfaces clean, clear, and completely streak free.

With a convenient scheduling system that won’t interrupt your daily operations, we’re proud to be your resource for regular window maintenance. Don’t make your building’s outlook a dusty, dirty, or streaky one – get service you can count on from AMC Window Cleaning.