One-of-a-Kind Window Cleaning Solutions

The ‘one size fits all’ cleaning approach just doesn’t work for windows — and we’re proud to say that it doesn’t work for our service method, either. Every property is dealing with varying levels of wear and tear, and it’s our job to customize our solution to the special requirements of your home or business.

Every service is special. But customers can always rely on us to set the highest standard of quality for the following commercial and residential applications:

  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Glass Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Storefront Window Cleaning
  • … And more!

Your windows are the gateway to a top tier property. Get the most out of every pane with your New Jersey window cleaning experts at AMC.


Residential Exterior Window Cleaning

Get 100% out of your home – inside and out! AMC Window Cleaning brings exterior window cleaning services to homes in New Jersey, and we’re proud to deliver the best view to your property.

Windows Need TLC (and regularly, too!)

Think about what your windows have to contend with. Day in and day out, they’re facing things like unpredictable weather, exposure to all of the elements, and their fair share of wear and tear. When we talk to clients about the impact of a dirty window on the rest of their home, we like to bring up eyeglasses. If you never cleaned your glasses, think about the condition they’d be in. Streaks, smudges, spots, and stains would take the center stage – and that glass surface would suddenly seem a whole lot less transparent.

Our job is to protect your windows from the curse of wear and tear. And it’s a job that we’re proud to say we excel at!

Pure Gold Service, Platinum Results

AMC Window Cleaning utilizes a water fed pole system to clean all of your exterior windows. This process is the cutting-edge of window cleaning – and the results speak for themselves. With our system, you get:

  • A water-fed pole system that lets us safely clean up to five stories from the ground
  • Purified water that won’t ever leave mineral buildup
  • Non-toxic cleaners that are biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • Error free service that always gets it right the first time
  • Streak free results that keep the view clear

We care about bringing the full potential of clean windows to our customers – and this advanced cleaning method ensures that you’re always getting the best.

New Jersey’s Window Cleaning Experts

When it comes to the impact of window cleaning, customers don’t have to take our word for it: the results speak for themselves. The AMC team is proud to offer:

  • Leading window cleaning technology
    Our water-fed pole cleaning system is the most advanced method in the industry, and the results show: You always get the best in quality.
  • Licenced, accredited, and certified experts
    Our window cleaning technology is advanced – and it needs the expertise of trained professionals. Every member of our team has skills, experience, and passion for the job ahead.
  • A streak-free guarantee
    You’ll always get a spotless result – and a streak free one, too! We promise that your panes will be crystal clear, or our job just isn’t done.

We’re clean window fanatics. From Essex County to Passaic County, from Morris County to Union County to Bergen County, our team is here to deliver the best windows to homes across New Jersey.

Residential Interior Window Cleaning

When it comes to windows, the exterior is just one piece of the puzzle. AMC Window Cleaning helps our customers unlock the complete potential of their windows with interior window cleaning solutions.

Window Cleaning You Can Trust

We get the dilemma: Interior windows are tricky. They’re an integral part to your home, but it can feel difficult to carve out time for maintenance. When we talk to customers, the biggest concern is disruption, and we get why. An interior window cleaning project invites images of your home being taken over by a maintenance team. It feels inconvenient.

Our solution provides a refreshing alternative. AMC Window Cleaning is proud to bring New Jersey’s best window cleaning solutions to your home, and we do it with a service that prioritizes top caliber results and efficient service. Interior window cleaning doesn’t have to be a disruption – and with AMC, you’ll understand just how valuable our team can be to your home. The process includes:

  • Preparing the workplace by moving furniture and ornamentation from the area
  • Using our window wash method that cleans dirt, dust, and smudges from your glass without ever tracking water throughout your home
  • Cleaning the tracks, sill, and frame
  • Dusting the window system
  • Replacing furniture and ornamentation

We care about producing great results with minimal inconvenience. We always wear protective booties during our service to safeguard your home, and we bring efficiency and quality to the job each and every time.

Our team appreciates that your windows aren’t the only thing that require professional attention. In addition to our interior window cleaning solution, we provide:

  • Skylight cleaning
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Chandelier cleaning

Your Interior Window Cleaning Specialists

Interior window cleaning solutions are all about the “wow” effect. It’s for good reason: A system of clean windows can truly transform your home. Expect:

  • Unbeatable atmosphere
    Clean windows set the stage for better ambience in every corner of your home. Natural light has a proven track record of boosting people’s moods, and the impact shows.
  • Better health
    The glass surfaces in your home attract – and hold onto – a lot of dust and spores. Our service removes triggers for asthma and other respiratory issues.
  • Energy conservation and cost savings
    When your windows can work to their full potential, they can let more natural light in. This means that you don’t have to rely on artificial bulbs, and you can even save money on heating costs.

Give your home everything that it needs to be its very best — and let AMC Window Cleaning work our professional magic to get you there! We’re proud to address window cleaning needs in Essex County, Passaic County, Morris County, Union County, and Bergen County.

Residential Glass Repair

Nothing kills the view quite like damaged glass. But there’s no reason to settle for scratches, cracks, and foggy scenes. With professional glass repair help, you can enjoy a picture-perfect result without the cost of a window replacement.

AMC Window Cleaning is your go-to solution for residential glass repair. We serve customers across New Jersey with services that protect your windows (and your outlook) for the beautiful future ahead.

Most clients come to us with three issues. We tend to notice a theme, too: Many remark that they’ve been holding off on glass repair because they thought it would be cost prohibitive, and all are pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable it can be to reclaim that “just like new” impact. Our glass repair includes:

  • Foggy windows
    When your windows never seem to be clean – no matter how much care they receive – your glass is dealing with an issue called fogging. This generally means that the sealers surrounding your windows weren’t installed properly. It’s an aesthetic issue, but it also means that your windows aren’t heating or cooling efficiently. Our team carefully removes the moisture, restores the sealant, and provides your windows with the protection it needs to look great and
  • Cracked and broken windows
    Our site-specific service replaces damaged panes with matched glass that seamlessly integrates with your window system. This means that you don’t have to budget for a complete window replacement and you’ll get stronger, safer panes. We protect the wellbeing of your windows and the people who call your property home (and improve the view, too!).
  • Scratched windows
    We restore your windows to the condition they were in when they were first installed, no replacement necessary. Our low-intensity technology penetrates into the affected area, buffs the glass, and polishes it to match the rest of the surface. Your scratch will disappear… And your windows will be ready to last.

The glass in your windows stands up to a lot, but it needs to be handled with the utmost care to ensure its long-term quality. That’s where our professionals come in. With training, expertise, and on-the-ground experience, we bring the cutting edge of window repair to you. All of our services include:

  • Industry-approved methods that put the quality of your panes at the forefront
  • Leading technology that guarantees the best result
  • Careful inspection and customized service to bring a tailored service to you

Reclaim your quality – and your view! Get the best in glass repair and restoration from AMC Window Cleaning.

Residential Screen Repair

One of the best things about living in New Jersey is the weather. When the forecast calls for sunshine, our state just tends to outdo itself. AMC Window Cleaning provides residential screen repair that ensures your window system is ready for the beautiful days ahead.

Our mobile service is designed to bring prompt, convenient, and efficient service to your windows. We arrive onsite with all of the tools we need to restore damaged screens – so you can get back to enjoying those open windows in no time. We solve rips, tears, and rot for:

  • Window screens
  • Door screens
  • Screened porches
  • Sun screens

The Best in Professional Screen Repair for Montclair, NJ

We come to every home armed with a goal: To get you beautiful, functional screens at the lowest possible cost. If we can repair the screen system, we’ll deliver that solution straight to your windows. Our service includes:

  • Initial assessment
    We inspect the window screen for damage and overall condition, then decide on the most sensible service plan for you.
  • Screen repair
    Our technicians have been specifically trained to deliver customized results to your screens. We tailor our approach based on the manufacturer, make, and material of your screen system.
  • Screen replacement
    In the rare event that we cannot repair your screen, we’ll deliver a cost-effective replacement to you.

If your screens require a quick fix, we’ll implement the repairs onsite so you can get your windows up and running. Should they require a more in-depth restoration, we’ll take them back to our workshop so we can deliver a detailed solution.

Screen repair is one of those essential checklist items when you’re gearing up for summer. No one wants to feel like they’re in a fishbowl all summer, and with your fully functional window system, you’ll have:

  • Protection from insects, animals, and other elements from nature
  • Fresh air with plenty of cross-ventilation
  • Natural light management that brings in sunlight without overwhelming your space

With leadership from the AMC team, your home will be a beacon of beautiful light, safety, and clean air to breath. We’ve been bringing this multifaceted result to clients across New Jersey for more than 15 years — and we’re excited to expand our long-term customers to include you and your home!

With the best techniques, materials, and equipment in the window repair industry, AMC is equipped with everything you need to get screens that are ready to be an asset for years into the future.